In order to do this work, we have an in-house software designed specifically for this task which allows us to produce your different carton labels directly for each order. This method of operation allows us to quickly adapt the information related to each production, thus avoiding any waste.

The label and its characteristics

Thanks to our expertise in contract packaging, we can help you adapt to the current standards regarding labels so as not to fall foul of the law. Indeed, for each type of product and according to the requirements which can vary according to the cases and the countries, there are specific rules to better inform the consumer.

In just under three decades, we have the merit of having worked on almost every type of product, which gives us the means to be a key player in thelabelling industry.

Key information to be included

Among the information to be included on your label, some are mandatory, while others are less so. In any case, for all your products, we put on the label and according to your convenience the following information:

  • The sales name
  • The composition
  • The net quantity (weight or volume)
  • The name and address of the manufacturer
  • Storage conditions
  • The batch number or date of manufacture
  • The DLU (if there is a deadline of use, you can put to consume until: dd/mm/yyyy)
  • The particular conditions of conservation and/or consumption.

We place particular emphasis on the legibility of your label. Mandatory information must have a minimum font size of 1.2 mm (or 0.9 mm in the case of small surfaces).

The quality of our prints

The quality of our printing contributes to the proper labeling of your products. For a good readability, we offer you white-black printing, with a representation of red diamonds on the labels for products that require hazard pictograms.

In addition, we offer you the possibility of integrating a barcode into your product, with the information necessary for its logistics. In addition to allowing you to accurately identify your product, it helps accelerate the time it takes to enter and exit stock, replenish supplies, simplify permanent inventory, eliminate errors related to manual entry, etc.

A participative work

Thelabeling of products is an obligation fixed by European standards, but also French. During the process of setting up the packaging, we establish a Good to print that we send you for validation, before any use.

We also make the provision to reference each of our labels. This technique allows us to have a facility of correction of the BAT when this one contains errors, or elements which you wish to rectify. In this case, the corrected label is referenced under a new name to avoid any error.

If you are looking for a company specialized in contract packaging to help you launch a new product, Etraves offers you its expertise.

From bottling tolabeling, including marking, or packaging, we ensure quality work and in the required time.

Give visibility to your products by entrusting their realization to Etraves. Their marketing will be guaranteed!

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