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High quality Cartridges and Syringes for glue packaging.

We fill containers with standard volumes of 50 ml, 200 ml and 400 ml. For each of these volumes you have the choice among these four ratios: 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 1:10, depending on the characteristics of the product.

Requests for non-standard ratios are considered on demand.

We deliver packaged cartridges and syringes as per customers’ request : neutral, labelled or with a simple inkjet identification marking. We can seal the cartridges and put them in an aluminium bag for extra packaging, and desiccant bags are available for moisture-sensitive products.

Please note: Sulzer MixPac cartridges have changed :

  • The dual cartridge 50 ml system A upgrades to system B
  • The dual cartridge 200 or 400 ml system C upgrades to system F

The cartridges retain the same characteristics but are more efficient thanks to their new special tip:

  • Additional safety so that the product does not polymerise
  • Easy closing
  • The exclusive use of Sulzer Mixpac mixing nozzles, the most reliable on the market

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We also offer:

Syringes with 5 ml pusher (2×2.5)
Syringes with 25 ml pusher (2×12.5)
Universal cartridges 250 ml
Semco cartridges

Browse all available accessories (mixing nozzles and guns) compatible with our cartridges in our “gluing accessories” tab.

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