Household products are products designed for the maintenance of buildings in their entirety. More precisely, they are intended to clean furniture, floors, sanitary facilities, linens and all elements in all rooms of a building. Beware, these cleaning products are often composed of chemical substances. For that, it is necessary to pass by a professional to condition them.

The best way to package household products

To facilitate the work of professionals who manufacture or market cleaning products and so that they can concentrate on the sales of their products, ETRAVES offers its know-how in packaging.

It's important to call in the experts. The packaging must be well chosen so that it is suitable for the consumers but also for the cleaning products to be filled. To avoid incidents, precautions must be taken for storage, such as using child-resistant caps. The labeling of cleaning and household products is subject to regulations. Etraves also assists you in this field.

Ecological cleaning and household products require just as much attention. The packer commits himself to respect the specifications and guarantees the respect of the legislation on weights and measures.

The best way to have your cleaning or household products packaged is to use ETRAVES.

Whether you have small or large quantities to be filled, Etraves can adapt. In a few days we will establish the filling lists together. Our machine park is sufficiently large and versatile to be operational quickly. Whether it is for short or long term projects, Etraves is at your disposal.

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