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A successful packaging is a well prepared packaging.


of customer's needs

The safety data sheet of the product :

This is the first element we request for each project. If necessary, we can supplement it with a technical data sheet. We analyze the type of product, its viscosity, density, dangerousness, etc.
It's important to master the product's particularities upstream of the project.

Project Background:

To meet our customers' expectations as closely as possible, we need to know the context of the project: new product, change of service provider, load shedding, etc. Together, we work out the deadline objectives. For certain markets (aeronautical or automotive, for example), audits may be necessary: we are available to respond and present our organization and QSE system in greater detail.



The Packaging Study:

When we don't know the type of product, or have doubts about its implementation, we consolidate the theoretical study with tests. For example, we may ask for a product sample to ensure that the project is feasible. All these particularities will determine the packaging constraints: we will adapt the packaging to the type of product and analyze the ADR (transport of dangerous goods) procedures.

Packaging service's roadmap:

Clients provide us with a set of specifications. If they do not, we work with them to produce it. Etraves offers a customized packaging service. We can manage the supply and storage of all or part of the components required for the product. We are organized to adapt to each case.

Quantities to be packaged:

We need to know the volume and quantities to be produced per production and per year in order to optimize our price study.



The main or primary packaging:

The analysis of the product allows us to determine the appropriate packaging. In addition, there are marketing, regulatory and volume constraints. Etraves works with about a hundred suppliers. We select them in order to have a wide range of possibilities.

The decorations

Depending on the type of material and decorations our customers want to produce, we opt for labeling, silk-screening, offset printing or digital printing. The customers provide us with a vectorized file and we provide it to the selected supplier, who gives us a proof. The customer validates the proof received in pdf.


Etraves is equipped with label printers and inkjet printers. These printers allow us to print traceability information directly on the packaging, on demand: batch, U.L.D., product code, date of manufacture, etc. All these elements are recorded and archived if necessary.


Etraves determines with the customer its requirements (number of packages per box). If nothing is required, we will define an optimal box according to the product and respecting the handling constraints.

Secondary packaging:

Some packages can be delivered in a secondary packaging such as a case, a box, or a blister. Etraves also offers this service as the continuity of the main packaging. Thus, the customer has only one interlocutor for a finished product. Some blistering operations are carried out by a subcontractor: for the customer the operation is transparent because Etraves manages this service directly.


In addition to filling, we can put the packages in kits or in displays. This allows the customer to avoid re-handling his goods. Etraves does this at the end of the line to save time and money. Among the examples of realization, there are constitutions of promotional batches, or the creation of cases.

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We adapt to the customer's requirements or we optimize the palletization according to the dimensions of the boxes. The objective is the preservation of the products during the transport.


ADR goods are shipped in compliance with the regulation. The company works with a certified consultant who carries out an annual control audit.

We manage 3 modes of transport: collection by the customer, departure workshop or free.



All the above points are integrated one by one in our computer system. This allows us to establish a price as accurately as possible and to have all the information necessary for the implementation of the order. The customer receives a detailed proposal to validate his project.

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