In a world where the environment is deteriorating at a rapid pace, eco-responsibility has become more and more necessary for every company. In this article, you will discover the advantages of an eco-responsible approach by choosing a packaging partner like Etraves.

What exactly is eco-responsibility?

Eco-responsibility is a kind of commitment that aims to reduce as much as possible the carbon footprint emitted by its company. Adopting such an approach is not at all complicated. To have satisfactory results and especially beneficial to theenvironment, simple gestures will be enough to change things within a united team that shares the same vision.

Moving towards an eco-responsible approach thus consists in :

  • understand the importance of the environment on its activities;
  • reduce greenhouse gases as much as possible;
  • reduce energy costs;
  • improve their knowledge of energy;
  • set a good example of environmental responsibility;
  • to form a dynamic team that shares a common vision.

Adopting an eco-responsible approach, what are the advantages for your company?

Moving towards an eco-responsible approach has two main types of interest for your company: environmental interests and financial interests.

Environmental interests

The current period that we are living through the COVID demonstrates in a concrete way the interest of everyone to be interested in our environment. This awareness is general and has been accelerated: it is essential for companies to join this movement.

For your company, the eco-responsible approach has two main advantages:

  • At the level of your customers, by meeting their new expectations
  • At the level of your employees, by setting an example in terms of environmental management

Financial interests

A company often generates many unnecessary expenses, before moving towards an eco-responsible approach. For example, we have overconsumption that generates waste

As huge as they are unnecessary, these mismanagements have an impact on the environment and your company's bill. By turning to an eco-responsible approach, you allow your company to get rid of these unnecessary expenses, while preserving the environment.

What is contract packaging?

Contract packaging is an activity that consists of filling product packages. To be more precise, this activity consists mainly in packaging products so that they are preserved in the best possible conditions. This system favors the commercial aspects of the products and also facilitates their consumption or use.

What does eco-responsibility and contract packaging, what is the relationship?

As a contract packer, √Čtraves works with companies mainly based in France and concerned about the environment and offers to pack your products in eco-responsible packaging: vegetable tubes, recycled plastic buckets, recycled cardboard, 100% cardboard blister packs, etc. Our sales team is constantly looking for "green" packaging solutions.

In addition, our speciality of packaging in small and medium series, responds completely to these new perspectives, to optimize the quantities to be produced and to reduce the waste and losses linked to mass production.

Etraves allows you to free yourself from the constraints of production and gives you the time to devote to marketing and sales development.

Finally, by working with us, you stay in France, close to home and reduce the environmental impact of transportation.

The entire √Čtraves team is at your disposal for your eco-responsible projects!

Eco-responsibility in practice

The consequence of a bad management of our daily waste immediately influences our quality of life: diseases, pollution, bad smell, poisoning, etc. The impact of waste on the environment is not just a fad. It is a real problem with dramatic consequences. La Virgule is one of those small companies that, through its activity, tries to participate concretely in the optimization of our waste management.

What is La Virgule? is a company that produces various luggage accessories such as backpacks, travel bags and even computer cases. They produce upcycled bags, which have saved thousands of end-of-life products from an unenviable fate. Indeed, tents with holes, kayaks, crashpads, wetsuits... etc. are rarely recycled. The cost of their treatment is too high. They are often buried, abandoned or become part of the waste islands in the ocean. With La Virgule, its commitment and the know-how of its workshops, they will find a new life, a new use and a new family.

The history of La Virgule

La Virgule was created by four adventurers who love the great outdoors. These ordinary sportsmen wondered about the treatment of their accessories at the end of their lives. They thought that incinerated tents and buried kayaks are not acceptable. Thus, the idea of creating the Virgule and its eco-responsible bag was born. Starting with a crowdfunding in 2019, La Virgule now offers a very wide range of upcycled products, including its famous 50 l duffel bag.

Upcycling or the ideal solution for the environment

Upcycling is a concept of waste management that is better than classical recycling. It is a transformation of products, which no longer have a use value, into new products of better quality. Classical recycling consists of processing waste to produce new products. This is already good for the environment. However, it has an energy, economic and environmental cost. That's why its real impact is limited. Upcycling, on the other hand, does not destroy, does not deplete raw resources and does not waste energy for a chemical operation.

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