The paint market is in constant evolution. From the building industry to the consumer sector, including industry, marine and anticorrosion, innovation is omnipresent. To meet the increasingly specific demands of these markets, ETRAVES offers a wide range of packaging options in small and medium-sized series. Thanks to its versatility, ETRAVES meets all the demands in terms of paint packaging. Whether you are a paint manufacturer or you need specific paint packaging, let's see how ETRAVES can help you with adapted packaging.

Packaging according to your wishes

Because the needs are often specific, the ETRAVES paint packer offers a wide choice of packaging. Some prefer plastic seals and others prefer metal seals. Whatever your preference and whatever the volume of the container, we provide the packaging to suit your needs. We provide buckets and jars of 1 liter or 5 liters of paint based on their practicality. We mark your packaging so that you can have all the information concerning the batch number, the date of packaging, the expiration date and so that you can guarantee the traceability of your products.

The ecological packaging in bags

You have problems related to ecology ? ETRAVES also uses specific bags to package the paints. Among them, there are the Doypacks. More innovative and ecological, they offer a large printing surface for your initials. The ETRAVES paint packer offers you Doypacks with a choice of several closing systems. For example, bags with caps, with or without lids, or bags with a simple seal or zip. We also give you the possibility to have your bags with a euro-hole or a handle installed. You wish to place an order of more than 20 000 pieces? ETRAVES takes the responsibility to print your bags according to your convenience with, if necessary, the institution of pictograms.

Containers for all needs

small plastic paint cans

Some people want paint cans, others prefer paint in bags, sometimes a tube is the most practical solution. ETRAVES meets all these needs and provides containers in aluminum or plastic tubes. Our tubes have diameters ranging from 13.5 mm to 50 mm and with volumes up to 300 ml. Easy to use, the aluminum tubes are economical, ecological, and waterproof. The plastic tubes give the possibility to have a transparent container, with a simple welding with eurotrou. Whatever the type of tube, you can have personalized prints and from 500 tubes. At ETRAVES, you have paint packaging according to your needs.

Packaging according to your activity

Are your customers fans of graffiti or paint for artistic purposes? Do they operate in the automotive or construction sector? ETRAVES can advise you on a paint packaging solution adapted to all types of activities. Whatever your field of activity, we can produce packaging according to your needs.


With nearly 30 years of experience in the paint conditioning sector, ETRAVES paint conditioner is a reference. Years of service and adaptation have allowed us to find innovative solutions to satisfy all requirements. Whatever your preferences in terms of container or packaging, submit your needs to us and together we will find the right solution to color your projects.

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