At Etraves, we package in a thousand and one ways. For our customers, we can produce tubes, bottles... However, one of the most produced packaging is undoubtedly the can. The classic but reliable can is a product that regularly comes out of the packaging machines atEtraves and, more generally, in the industry. This year alone we have filled some 260,000 metal cans, and the year is not yet over. The products packed in these cans include solvents, adhesives, resins, glues, oils, cleaning products and paint, among others. The possibilities are numerous.

Top-notch packaging

The box has many advantages, including easy storage and transportation of products, whether or not they are hazardous. In addition, the box protects both the interior and exterior. In addition, the box is resistant to certain types of products, such as solvent-based products. Finally, the packaging is also a significant gain for the user, since there is no loss of product when emptying a box.

If you have an ADR (Accord for dangerous goods by road) product that you would like to have packaged by us, you should know that our company is able to provide you with approved packaging to carry out your packaging in the best possible conditions. This will ensure that your products comply with the regulations and that they are transported or stored in accordance with the regulations: there is plenty of reason to be more serene!

With Etraves, packaging in cans protects your products! Cans are preserving, thanks to Etraves!

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