Recycling and the preservation of raw material resources have become priorities for many citizens. As a packaging company, Etraves is committed to ecology with several measures in place.

Reduce waste within the company

To run our business, we have administrative and production staff. For some time now, we have been implementing protocols to reduce administrative consumables and unnecessary printing. To do this, we dematerialize most of our documents. We take care to reduce paper waste throughout the process. Less printing also means fewer ink cartridges to throw away. We also ensure responsible waste management in order to sort and recycle everything that can be recycled. We have set ourselves ambitious targets that are now being met.

Produce more responsibly

For several years, we have been monitoring and working on reducing our production losses. We also optimize our supplies to avoid unnecessary overstocking.

We sort our waste and then on a case by case basis we look for solutions of revalorization. All our cardboard and plastic bags are evacuated in a specialized recycling channel for example. We favour responsible purchasing with recycled or recyclable packaging.

Engaging with customers

In order to enable our customers to also act for the environment, we offer eco-responsible solutions for the packaging of products.

We do everything to facilitate our customers' recycling operations by clearly indicating the materials that make up our bottles, tubes and jars. Our design office systematically looks for the most suitable solution for each customer to offer him an option combining comfort of use for his consumers, controlled waste management and respect of the budget. Thanks to our innovative proposals, both technologically and environmentally, we convince more than 250 customers to trust us every year.

Etraves: a company of the future

Etraves, thepackaging company, is committed to the preservation of our planet and ensures the rational use of components. We are constantly improving our products in order to offer ever more efficient eco-responsible solutions that respect the needs of our customers and the environment. Our most loyal customers have made no mistake and have maintained their partnerships over the years. To get involved with us, our sales department is at your disposal.

To call upon our advisors to package your products, simply contact us. We will establish an estimate respecting your conditions very quickly. Our reactivity is one of our strengths and we invite you to discover all our other skills.

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