How about spicing up office life while doing something for the environment? Well, why not invite a few thousand six-legged friends to join our team? Yes, you heard us right: we've decided to install beehives on our premises! 6 of them!

Why Beehives?

Just imagine: bees happily foraging through your company gardens, producing delicious honey while pollinating local plants. Not only is it good for the environment, it's great fun for everyone!

The benefits of corporate buzz :

1. Mood Boost :

Who could resist the sight of these little fur balls hard at work? Bees bring a touch of nature and life to the working environment, which can significantly improve morale.

2. Education and awareness :

Corporate beekeeping offers a fantastic opportunity to educate about the importance of bees to the ecosystem and how to protect them. It's a lively, practical science lesson.

3. Harvesting Superfoods :

With beehives on site, we can harvest fresh honey for even tastier gourmet breaks.

4. Buzzing Corporate Events :

Organize "Honey Harvest" days, beekeeping workshops or even honey tastings. These events will bring an extra dose of fun and camaraderie to the team.

To set up our Beekeeping project:

  1. Local beekeeper: we contacted Justain, a beekeeper in Nointel, who installed and manages our hives.
  2. Bee-Friendly area: we've set aside a patch of greenery to welcome bees. There are plenty of flowers for your new striped friends to forage.
  3. Abeilles-Addicts: Who knows, budding beekeepers may be lurking among us!
  4. Buzz on Social Networks: We're sharing this beekeeping adventure on Linkedin. Who wouldn't like to follow the adventures of our office bees?

Installing beehives in our company is much more than a simple ecological initiative. It's a fun and engaging way to promote employee well-being, raise awareness of the importance of bees, and create a unique and dynamic working environment. So let's get Etraves buzzing with beekeeping buzz!

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