Sachets play a key role in the packaging of industrial products. These sectors have rapidly led to the development of pouch packaging. Adaptable to many types of product, this type of packaging can be used under a variety of conditions.

Why use the sacherie?

The sachet, though delicate, is very practical. It preserves and secures the product it packs. It insulates it from humidity and the outside environment. Thanks to this packaging, the quality of the product is perfectly maintained. Unlike other types of packaging, the pouch model is perfectly suited to all product shapes. As well as protecting products, the sachet enhances them. Packaged in sachets, these products are easy to transport.

Aesthetically, sachet packagingenhances product visibility. The fact that the sachet can be customized is a real marketing asset. It distinguishes a brand from others. It also has an aesthetic aspect that enhances an item. Conquered by the bag's appearance, the consumer can easily orientate his purchase. Bag packaging is an effective communication tool between industry and consumers.

Types of packaging in bags

Depending on the product to be wrapped, you may be able to find different types of bag packaging on the market. There are aluminum, plastic and multilayer pouches. Each has its own aesthetic and practical advantages.

Take advantage of a wide range of biobased plastic bags and paper bags offered by a company specialized in the field, Etraves. The bags and kraft paper bags are made for heavy or sharp products such as green waste... Whatever the use, you will find bagging products or packaging according to your expectations. Plastic bags come in different materials, closures and thicknesses. Zippers, for example, make it easier to access the contents. As for slider closures, they are ideal for making the handling of certain packaging easier. As for the material, polyethylene is well adapted to an industrial use, while polypropylene which is more brilliant provides a beautiful presentation to your products.

Use a bagging company

Whatever the nature of your products, you can find a diverse range of pouch packaging to suit your needs. The professionals can even advise you on the right type of case for your product.

Putting its know-how at your service, a qualified company has the appropriate resources. With its years of experience, Etraves offers you quality services. By soliciting its services, you will benefit from an accompaniment during the conception and the realization of your projects of packaging of products.

Don't hesitate to contact a packager who can take care of your recommendations. He offers you a complete choice of packaging and wrapping products so that you can present, bundle and package your products in a professional way.

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