It is the packaging of a product, more regularly called the container. It facilitates the transport and storage of a liquid or solid product and thus its conservation. The choice of this packaging is not an easy task, because it must correspond to rigorous specifications and represents a significant cost for a company. The question frequently arises for many industries: How to best optimize a packaging at a lower cost?
For household products, the packaging must also be safe in order to protect users from certain chemical components, even dangerous ones. Here we take a look at the specifics of good packaging for household products.

The choice of material

To select the appropriate container, it is important to pay attention to its material. What is it made of? How much can it hold? Is it strong enough?
These questions should be raised with an expert who will be able to guide your decisions and provide you with the right advice.
Viscous, abrasive, foamy or liquid products will not be packed in the same type of container.
Most packaging is made of plastic, aluminum or glass.
At ETRAVES, we are specialists in the packaging of cleaners and disinfectants.

Which container shape for which use?

The quality and durability of the packaging will be one of the first criteria we take into account. It is important to know that 60% of the packaging for household products is recovered or recycled, so it is important to favor a container that can be reused over time. Some of them are ecological, like the doypack® bags, and have the particularity of taking up little space, which makes them easy to store.
The bottles, cans, jars and boxes can be used as packaging for disinfectants and cleaners.
The doypack® bags should be used for thicker products such as detergents or washing-up liquid.

Which tip for my packaging?

Depending on the desired use, the tip will be adapted. With cap, spray, tamper-evident, child-resistant, foam tip, pipette... the list is long and the thickness of the product will be taken into account in the choice of your tips.
A glasscleaner package will be easier to use with a spray nozzle, while a disinfectant package will have to be child-resistant to ensure everyone's safety.

A package that looks like you

The packaging is the first element that the customer will see, even before testing the content. It is therefore important that it looks like you and reflects your structure. As a real communication tool, your logo must be clearly identifiable and it must highlight your visual identity. The consumer must be able to live an experience, and it is only by exceeding his expectations that he will remain loyal to your company. For this, screen printing is a powerful tool that will allow the end consumer to clearly identify you and create a bond. Ease of use, shelf life, or the ecological footprint of your container will have an impact on the overall look and quality of your packaging and will increase your performance.

In conclusion, the container of your household products must meet rigorous specifications and will be a massive communication tool for your company. In order to guide you in the best possible way, our team of experts is at your disposal to offer you a personalized advice adapted to your needs.

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