For your industrial activity you need innovative and high quality equipment? Are you an industrial company? Are you planning to do some work at home? A COX gun is a tool you need to have in your position to get the job done. This article will detail everything you need to know about this gun.

What is a cox gun?

A company with a strong sense of innovation, COX is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial glue guns. It specializes in the production of manual, electric and pneumatic guns for cartridges. They are recognized worldwide for their quality. Many models of these guns are available on the market. They are especially appreciated by industrialists who choose quality gluing as a criterion of choice.

What are the benefits of a Cox brand gun?

With a single component application, a cox glue gun is different from other types of guns. It offers you the possibility to apply all kinds of industrial sealants.
If you use a gun with a two-component application, you can glue various materials with two reactive components. At COX you will find guns for manual use. Another range of pneumatic guns is also available. You can also choose electric guns.
If you want to do quality work quickly, don't hesitate to use a gun made by COX.

How is a gun from COX useful?

Whether manual, pneumatic or electric, a COX brand gun is very useful. It is indispensable for precise gluing of a wide variety of materials. With this tool you can glue wood, glass, steel, plastic, etc. This type of gun is also suitable for all types of work. The electric gun, on the other hand, is very useful for more specific work.

Who is Etraves?

Etraves, based in France, has been in the market for 29 years and is active in the chemical and industrial product packaging sector. Currently, the company has 32 employees. Etraves, thanks to its partnership with Cox, offers its customers the brand's guns.
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