A little history...

Created by Jean-Emmanuel-Paul Papin and two of his children in 1991, Etraves was created to meet the repair needs of a large industrial company in the Picardy region.

The company has developed and built up a base of loyal customers by offering customized packaging services.

In order to guarantee a quality service, Etraves obtained its ISO 9001 certification in 2003. Since then, the company is still certified, and works around a Quality-Security-Environment management, of which we are proud every day.

In 2004, Etraves built itsfirst building in Ercuis, a workshop entirely dedicated to tube packaging.

Since 2010, when Mr. Papin retired, the company was bought by his children, Isabelle, Valerie and Pascal.

Etraves now has two sites, with the construction in 2018 of a 2,600 m² packaging building for bi-component cartridges, bottles, cans and bags in Breuil le sec.

To date, it is 35 employees who realize a little more than 6 million turnover per year and allow us to satisfy our 250 customers.

A 30-year work

At Etraves, we do not rest on our laurels.

As a contract packer since the beginning, the company has been in constant evolution for 30 years, with the aim of growing and meeting the expectations of our customers.

In order to adapt to the evolution of the market, we do not hesitate to review our internal organization or to modify our computer systems for example.

Etraves also takes into account environmental issues by implementing waste management methods upstream and by reusing as much of its waste as possible downstream.

In 30 years, ETRAVES has demonstrated that it is a dynamic company, ready to take on new challenges every day.

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