In order to perpetuate the company, at Etraves we are constantly seeking to evolve.

Continuous improvement is one of the fundamental principles of quality management, to which Etraves has been committed for several years by being certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.

This year we have renewed this certification.

"The ISO 9001 standard is the quality management standard. It provides guarantees in terms of organizational quality within any type of structure. The ISO 9001 certification consists of providing proof that a continuous improvement system has been set up within the company."

Quote from France Certification

Etraves is recognized as a trustworthy and professional company that places customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities. These qualities are essential and we can be proud of them.

To meet this strategy, we have defined objectives:

  • Re-emphasize our listening and customer satisfaction
  • Improve our competitiveness
  • Improve delivery times

In order to achieve our goal, our work focuses on :

  • A "productive" investment
  • The development of performance management (monitoring of indicators, actions and results and their communication)
  • Development of team skills (deployment of internal and external training)
  • The place of safety at the heart of team management

To this end, the management is committed, with the help of everyone, to allocating the human resources necessary to achieve the objectives in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

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