Symbol of the disposable society, the reduction of non-recyclable plastic packaging is a major issue in the fight for an ecological and sustainable world. It is an environmental necessity. At Etraves, we have been aware for a long time of our responsibility in this fight and we are committed to it in terms of packaging as well as in terms of organization and functioning of the company.

Eco-friendly packaging suppliers

As a contract packer, we have over the years gathered around us packaging manufacturers offering adapted and quality products in order to meet the needs of our customers. The vast majority of them are now able to provide us with eco-responsible packaging that always meets the same high quality standards. The packaging that we offer will make your product and your company part of a sustainable and eco-responsible environmental approach.

What is an ecological packaging?

It's worth remembering what makes a package "green".

First of all, "Recycle" is the key word for sustainable development in terms of packaging. It can be expressed in two ways:

  • The packaging is made of a recyclable material such as cardboard
  • The packaging itself is made from recycled material such as plastic and is recyclable

The type and volume of energy used for its manufacture are also taken into account. Finally, the transport line has a strong impact on the eco-responsible quality of upstream and downstream packaging.

All these criteria characterize an ecological packaging.

Some examples of ecological packaging that we offer

  • The eco-responsible tube made of PE (Polyethylene)
  • PCR (recycled plastic) buckets
  • PCR bottles (recycled plastic)
  • 100% cardboard blisters

Etraves, a company concerned about its environmental impact

Eco-responsible packaging can only be served by a company that is itself concerned about its environmental impact. This is our case in many ways.

As a French company, choosing us means choosing a short circuit production exclusively located on the French territory. By limiting the number and distance of transports, we limit thus limiting our impact on the environment.

Custom packer, the "à la carte" service and versatility are the DNA of the company. Everything is done to respond exclusively to the customer's request. Nothing is used or spent other than to satisfy a specific request. We supply as close as possible to the production needs.

This tight management makes Etraves a company that cares about its environmental impact.

Etraves also pays attention to its own energy consumption and to the reduction and sorting of its waste

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