Disinfection against the Covid19 concerns primarily the hands but it is also necessary to concentrate on all surfaces whatever they are: buildings, meeting room, tables, telephones, working material, sanitary facilities... To fight effectively against the coronavirus it is necessary to clean well and then disinfect. A dirtiness can prevent the disinfectant from doing its work.

In this period of health crisis, everyone is on the warpath and so is Etraves. As a chemical packer, Etraves can fill cleaning products but also disinfectants.
Etraves: the professional who helps you fill your cleaning and disinfecting products

Etraves packs products from large 200-liter drums or barrels into smaller containers of 3 ml to 30 L. It can fill containers such as aluminium, plastic or laminated tubes, doypacks, plastic and glass bottles, drums, ....
During the filling process, many procedures are done to achieve the finished product. The Etraves teams are professionals in small and medium series packaging and have a great capacity to adapt. In this period, we have to be even more reactive than usual, but without doing just anything. The procedures that have been in place for several years guarantee Etraves' customers a job well done according to the rules of the art.
Whether it's for a one-time or permanent need and whatever the quantities to be filled, Etraves is at your disposal for the packaging of your products. Together we will find the most suitable solutions for your needs.
You can reach us at 03 44 26 89 40 for more details on our packaging possibilities.

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