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Etraves is the leader in tube packaging in France and is considered in some respects as the flagship of the field. Tube packaging represents approximately 30% of Etraves' activities. Proof of a certain experience in this field, the 2.7 million tubes packed in 2019

Advantages of Etraves packaging

Tubes have many advantages for your products. It is a standard packaging known by all, easy to use, aesthetic. It is a great marketing tool, which regularly benefits from innovations. Moreover, they ensure a good protection of your products in terms of watertightness, or preservation against humidity for example. They are designed in different materials and with different outlet ends, depending on the nature of the product to be packaged.

The tubes used by Etraves

In order to offer its customers a packaging of impeccable quality, the company uses several types of tubes, designed in various materials.
Among these, aluminum occupies a place of choice. This material offers maximum protection and security thanks to its barrier qualities and its perfect waterproofness; all factors that will undoubtedly be the basis of customer satisfaction. These tubes are economical and recyclable. These tubes can be accessorized with the installation of lids and cannulas. Aluminum is still fragile, so they are often put in a case, a blister, or a box. They are intended for the packaging of solvent-based products or products that are sensitive to humidity, such as neoprene glues and MS polymers.
Plastic tubes are used to fill lubricants, coatings or paints for example. Resistant and aesthetic, plastic tubes have the advantage of being sometimes transparent, as they allow to have specific heads: flat tips, cannulas, foam tips or brushes.
Laminated or alumino-plastic tubes are the third most common type of tube sold by Etraves. The laminated tube is a combination of aluminum and plastic. It combines flexibility, aesthetics and resistance. There is also the possibility to put a cap or a cannula on it.
These last two categories of tubes can be welded with an incorporated euro-hole, which allows to hang them directly on the shelf.
Etraves is equipped with an automatic packaging system for all types of tubes from diameter 13.5 to diameter 50.

A unique marking

One of the advantages of Etraves is the applied follow-up of the product throughout the production chain: the management of the decorations is an integral part of this process. Depending on the quantity and the style of the tube, the printing of your designs can be done in silk-screen, offset or digital.
For small quantities (e.g. 500) and simple designs, screen printing will be preferred. Digital printing will be used for a minimum quantity of 10,000 tubes.
In addition to the decoration, the traceability is essential for the consumer. Our machines are equipped to print with inkjet or hot stamping, the batch number of the product, and its expiration date.

As you can see, Etraves packages your products à la carte. To benefit from a tailor-made service, do not hesitate to contact our sales team at your disposal

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