Sulzer mixpac is a manufacturer of mixing and dosing systems for two-component materials. It is a business unit of Sulzer ltd.

Sulzer Mixpac technology

Sulzer Mixpac offers complete systems for various applications in two-component cartridges. They pay particular attention to research and development in line with the ever-changing requirements of our customers.
As a result, they have become the technological leader in the manufacture of two-component material application systems.
Sulzer systems are recommended for large surface applications as well as for professional bonding. Thus, the brand is present in the transportation sector (fastening of internal and external parts), wind farm manufacturing, aerospace, electronics (e.g. integrated circuit industry), shipbuilding, industrial assembly, stone processing, construction sector. Two-component systems are also an integral part of various types of repair kits, maintenance and repair of sports and leisure equipment, and are even used in the general domestic field.
They offer the guarantee of easy and safe handling for the application of two-component materials.

What products does the brand offer?

The brand uses progressive technologies to manufacture two-component systems.
Everything is designed from the cartridge, to the gun, to the mixer to achieve an effective bond.
Thus, the brand offers several systems to meet the specific needs of users.
The Q systems are coaxial cartridges used for chemical sealing in construction. The B and F systems are innovative side-by-side cartridges ranging from 50ml to 400ml with an outlet nozzle that prevents cross-contamination, air purging pistons. These cartridges can be safely transported by air or sea.
Each system has a wide range of mixers with a choice of length, diameter and tips.
Sulzer MIXPAC's COX and MK guns are the industry's leading brands of portable sealant and adhesive applicators.

What are the advantages of mixing nozzles?

Precision is the major asset of the mixers offered by Sulzer Mixpac and Etraves. The two-component products are technical products, used for very precise applications in the construction, aeronautics or automotive industries for example. For each type of bonding, there will be a corresponding adhesive that will be packaged in a cartridge adapted in terms of volume and especially ratio. The mixers are designed to adapt to all situations and application constraints. It is essential to use quality equipment to obtain the desired result. Thus, the mixer must be sufficiently resistant when using a pressure application gun. Sulzer Mixpac also uses its technology in the design of their nozzles to optimize mixing and reduce product losses.


Etraves is the French distributor of Sulzer Mixpac. As Etraves is specialized in the packaging of industrial and chemical products and particularly of bi-components, it is the essential interlocutor to supply all accessories. Each system consists of a manual or pneumatic dispensing gun, a cartridge and a static mixer, all designed to work together as an integrated high performance system.
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