Faced with a dynamic and ever-changing market, Etraves has been involved in the packaging of industrial products for nearly 30 years. Whatever their form - liquid, pasty or semi-pasty - our company provides a set of efficient processes in total adequacy with the legislations while answering the specific requirements inherent to your activity. With an expertise based on many years of experience and a varied clientele, our company can easily adapt to your technical installations and your production volume: small ranges or larger series will be treated with the same professionalism.

A container dedicated to a product

Etraves has a proactive approach to listening to market trends and the ever-changing expectations of its customers. Consumer habits are triggers for the implementation of a different packaging. The second point is the product's distribution purpose. The automotive, industrial, aeronautical and retail sectors do not have the same packaging needs. Sometimes the convenience of transport and use in large volumes will be preferred to a more marketing and attractive packaging for the individual consumer.

The specificities of the product itself play a major role in the choice of the container. A liquid product or a thick product cannot be managed by the same protocol. Even more so if you take into account other parameters such as the level of danger during transport or storage. A well-considered and well-reasoned choice presents the most solid guarantees to the producer and the consumer of his goods.

The filling processes of our machines are extremely precise and ensure maximum optimization regardless of the type of material and the shape of the container. Our attentiveness, our expert advice and the flexibility of our approach represent indispensable advantages in the face of the expectations of professionals.

The foundations of our services

Etraves aims for excellence in each of its services. A pragmatically established specification allows us to propose a precise method and an adjusted price.

Our team of experts is fully aware of your deadline constraints, the type of product and the market for which it is intended. Each client deserves a personalized approach that remains very flexible in order to respond accurately and quickly to your requests.

Listening to and exchanging with our customers is the driving force of the company. The renewal of a production line or the implementation of a specific container require a dedicated support. The objective is to provide you with all the advice and technical means necessary for quality packaging.

Our product catalog

The company Etraves is positioned in a diversified way on markets like :

- Adhesives and glues: mastic, resin, epoxy, acrylic glues, vinyl glues, etc.
- Greases and other lubricants
- Paints: tracing concentrates, colorants, varnishes, etc.
- Maintenance products: dangerous chemical compounds, disinfectants, oxidizers, anti-algae, abrasive cleaners, detergents, etc.

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