At Etraves, we carry out several types of packaging to guarantee the preservation of your product. Specialists in the field of packaging, we use several containers depending on your industrial project, which can range from a few milliliters to several dozen liters. We are flexible and can meet all types of requests: the containers are fully customizable (color, label, printing), they can be adapted to all types of materials to be packaged, and they can also be put in kits, shrink-wrapped, blister-packed, or on displays.

In addition to the most commonly used containers, such as tubes, bottles or bags, we also package in jars or boxes according to your industrial production. Let's discover the main characteristics of these packagings and packaging methods.

Packaging in jars: safety and preservation of your products

Jars are available in different sizes, colors and materials, so you can customize the packaging. Jars are ideal for packaging paints, cleaning products, greases, sealants or various chemical products.

Equipped with lids, covers or sleeves, the jars guarantee the safety and integrity of the product. The solutions are diverse. Glass jars are increasingly used because they are totally recyclable. For paint, grease, glue or wax, plastic jars with lids are particularly suitable. Glass jars are to be preferred for chemical products or solvents.

The inevitable packaging in boxes

The can is one of the most used products in terms of packaging. Etraves produces several thousand cans per year. Here again, many products can be contained in cans: solvents, cleaning products, glues, lubricants. The can is very strong and easy to transport and store. It can safely contain dangerous products and ensures a real protection of the substances it contains.

Your industry can opt for different types of cans: metal cans for paints, varnishes or pasty substances; crimping cans for glues or inks; or plastic cans made of polypropylene that are particularly resistant to shocks. In case of ADR (Accord for dangerous goods by road) products that you would like to have packaged by us, you should know that our company is able to provide you with approved packaging to carry out your packaging under the best possible conditions. This will ensure that your products comply with the regulations and that they are transported or stored in the correct way: there is plenty of reason to be more serene!

You want to package your products in jars or boxes: why call on Etraves?

Certified ISO 9001, our company has earned the trust of major industrialists in various sectors. To reassure you and meet all your needs, we trace all your products (date, batch number, etc.) and are able to carry out the packaging of dangerous products in good conditions. Whatever your project, Etraves is innovative and does its utmost to offer you the best solutions and the most suitable pots and boxes.

Well aware of the evolution of practices and mentalities, we are committed to providing efficient solutions. Our machines perform high precision filling. Do not hesitate to tell us about your needs and we will offer you quality know-how.

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