A product that stands the test of time

Glue is a product that has been around for nearly 200,000 years. As early as prehistoric times, Neanderthal man used a vegetable substance to fix the head of his tools on a handle. Developed with one of the first known civilizations, the Ancient Egypt, the productions diversify, and the glue of animal origin appears.

At the same time, glue conservation techniques evolved. First in the form of vegetable powder, then in liquid form. It was the addition of additives such as oil that really allowed fine control of the product before industrialization.

A product for every use

The industrial production has allowed an important economy of scale in time and money. The different yields, resulting from different chemical processes, offer a hitherto unequalled quality of assembly.

Depending on their composition, the speed of polymerization (drying) differs and they can be used on different materials:

- vinyl substances, due to the presence of water, adapt to absorbent materials;

- silicone is waterproof and more elastic;

- the polyurethane glue resists humidity and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use;

- solvent-based products work well on plastics.

There are also powdered products, pasty products, oily products, etc. ETRAVES also masters two-component products that must be mixed to react and must therefore be stored separately.

Packaging of adhesives, our core business

At ETRAVES, packaging of adhesives is our specialty, since it constitutes about 50% of our activity. Just as there is a product for every need, there is also a packaging for every product or type of product. A good storage prevents polymerization against time.

We package the substances in bottles or packages that correspond to their nature, the desired quantity and the use for which they are intended. From high volume storage, up to 1000 liters, we provide containers and fill them at your convenience: bottles, tubes, bags.

Our experience at your service

Established in 1991, ETRAVES has the experience to meet all expectations. We are able to process all products, regardless of their composition, condition and function. Our techniques are adapted to both the polymer and the desired packaging.

As a family business, our knowledge is shared for the comfort and satisfaction of our customers, whether they are small or large companies. The products we distribute are used in all industrial fields, such as automotive, aeronautics or construction, and our packaging technique is perfectly adapted to the different substances. Fully computerized, the company uses the most precise technologies and tested and verified processes.


Our commitment to a finished product

This vast experience has allowed our company to develop a complete service for our customers. From the packaging to the delivery of the product, we seek their complete satisfaction. We adapt our processes to the proposed instructions. We can create a particular aesthetic for marketing, use kits, personalized presentation...

As a packager, we deliver a finished product that meets your requirements, exclusively for you.

Our goal: customer satisfaction

In this perspective of customer satisfaction, our company has been audited and we have acquired the ISO 9001 certification, proof of a quality management and the constant search for improvement. This certification has been progressively integrated into a management system focused on quality, safety and the environment, demonstrating our company's commitment to a responsible business.

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