There is primary and secondary packaging. Because of its activity, Etraves mainly performs primary packaging. However, in general, Etraves has reliable equipment and teams for both processes.

What is primary packaging at Etraves? It is the filling of a liquid or pasty product (the contents) in a specific and adapted packaging (the container) which can be a tube, cartridges, a bottle, a bag... Once the contact with Etraves has been established, you will be put in touch with our commercial team, which will take the time to analyze your request. To do so, they will base their analysis on the product's safety data sheet. This sheet lists everything you need to know about your product, the dangers for health or the environment, the possible toxicity... After that, a quotation is proposed to you. Then, you will be in regular contact with the production and maintenance team, in charge of finding the optimal way to package your product according to the container you have chosen. All this work will be meticulous and constantly submitted to your validation. Once everything is set, the production is launched and your containers are handed over to you shortly after. The service can stop there, if you wish.

Conditioned...and then?

To go further, Etraves naturally proposes you to take advantage of our skills in secondary packaging. This type of packaging may or may not be carried out as a continuation of your primary packaging. It is you who will decide in due time, of course. However, you should know that this will allow you to make substantial savings since you will save time and processing costs. In addition, by using a single service provider, you will know how they work, the satisfaction you have with them and their rates: in short, you are bound to win!

Using secondary packaging means not only re-packaging but also - and above all! - to protect your product and enhance its value. For example, if you want your customers to benefit from promotional packs (such as 2 + 1 free), it is very interesting to consider secondary packaging. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from anticipating the two packages when our sales team discovers your needs. Secondary packaging also allows you to enhance your product in ways other than promotional packs: for this, your product can be integrated into a case, a display unit... or even relabeled.

Your request, our adaptability

Whatever the case, Etraves is able to intervene at any point in the packaging process, even though we believe that accompanying our customers from A to Z is an additional guarantee of customer satisfaction. Whether you need us for primary packaging, only secondary packaging or both, our teams will adapt to your schedule, budget and requirements.

Because when you call on Etraves, you are guaranteed a job without hindrance, well done...and reactive: adaptability is the key!

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