Five years ago now, in 2013, we acquired a machine for automatic filling of single-component cartridges with a capacity of 310 ml. Cartridges with such a large capacity are very common in the packaging industry and are part of the classics of DIY packaging, both plastic and aluminum. Note that the cartridges are used with a dispenser and cannulas. And of course, at Etraves, we have all the necessary equipment and can provide it to you, if needed.

The mono-component cartridges are widely used in most of the industrial sectors, and in particular in the automotive, aeronautical and building industries. By being equipped with this machine, we are thus reactive and endowed with a great faculty of adaptation in order to satisfy the most varied professionals, like the most demanding.

Our machine, still very efficient after 5 years of existence, has allowed us to position ourselves efficiently between the production lines of small and large series. Its productivity is high, even from 2,000 units. Within the framework of our activity, we have to pack all types of adhesives and sealants in 310 ml format.

No matter what your problem is: with this powerful machine, Etraves is sure to follow you from A to Z, whatever your project is: launching and setting up a new product, relieving a large stock, producing a perennial product with limited quantities...

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