At Etraves, we package, in our own way, according to your wishes. But Etraves is much more than that. As a reminder, professionals need our services to put their products in adapted packaging, of course, but not only. The marketing and promotion of a tube of glue, a can of paint or a bottle of oil is strategic and time consuming. Professionals need to outsource certain tasks in order to get to the point. In fact, Etraves is there to manage the logistics and packaging. We do everything we can to advise the customer and provide them with all the help they may need, no matter what stage their project is at. This is what we call our "full-service" offer. No more stress or wasted time for professionals.

This service, you will have understood, does not necessarily stop at filling. We are able to manage the supply of components, accompany you in the management of the packaging decorations, carry out the services of labeling, of setting in kit and of plv... Moreover, we work in close collaboration with specialists of the blister. We manage the service with them and offer you, at the end, a completely finished product ready to sell. All you have to do is use it and/or sell it: convenient and fast, isn't it?

Bringing everything together in one place is a smart way to optimize the creation and promotion of your product. Especially when a single contact person has mastered the entire technical chain thanks to his strong expertise, for a long time already. And it also reduces the potential risks and problems that arise when there are intermediaries.

With Etraves, you are assured to benefit from an "à la carte" service and you can count on our reactivity and flexibility to better satisfy you, all in the respect of the ancestral know-how that we preserve with care, on a daily basis. By calling on Etraves' services, you will free yourself from any possible hindrance.

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