Satisfaction. A common name, which is our daily driving force at Etraves and which consists of allowing happiness or joy following the fulfillment of a desire, a wish or a request to someone's attention. The high satisfaction of our customers is what drives us at Etraves.

A global issue at Etraves

Whether you are a small family business or a multinational, your requirements are different, but our desire to do the right thing and to satisfy YOU to the best of our ability remains the same. This priority does not only concern production. Indeed, even the recruitment and training of our teams, the development of our company or even the obtaining of the ISO 9001 quality certification, everything is closely linked to our customers.
A well executed project is a project appreciated by the client from A to Z, a project in which he feels supported, listened to, advised and informed at each stage of the process of his relationship with our company. This support, to be relevant and optimal, must of course be truly personalized and evolving, because a customer should not have to "undergo" any routine.

Spring survey, clients quite happy

But who is best placed to talk about and rate how satisfied we think our customers are with us? You, of course, dear customers! In our last satisfaction survey, sent out last March, you gave us a very honorable score of 4 on a scale of 5! Of course, we still have room for improvement in order to reach 5... and exceed it, or in any case, to keep this mark (and especially the quality of services which is linked to it!) for a long time... The criteria evaluated by you corresponded to our administrative and commercial processing times, our delivery times, the quality of our packaging and the price of our services. Simple, varied and precise criteria, which many of you evaluated, during a few minutes of your precious time. A big thank you from the whole Etraves team!

Etraves, your industrial partner, conditioned for success thanks to you, dear customers.

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