Our company is specialized in the contract packaging of liquid, pasty and semi-pasty chemicals. For 27 years, Etraves has been used to meeting the requirements and specifications of many markets and products. To do this, we implement the technical solutions best suited to your facilities. We are able to respond to all types of requests, from large production volumes to small series.

A wide range of containers adapted to the needs

Evolving consumer needs require companies to constantly review their practices and bring to market quality products that are convenient, safe, and often environmentally friendly. In addition to dealing with changing consumer tastes, our clients must align themselves with a number of standards and certification objectives, including international rules, in order to classify and have their products recognized as a guarantee of good quality.

Our customers use our packaging services to fill products for a wide variety of markets, such as automotive, industrial, aeronautical, coating and retail.

We are aware that achieving high quality objectives requires great effort and know-how, both in the product itself and in components such as packaging. This is what makes it possible to stand out to consumers.

This is why our company is committed to customer satisfaction, by guaranteeing packaging that meets the standards and requirements of the customer. For example, we have made efforts to support the Iso 9001 certification since 2003. We have renewed this commitment until 2020.

Our machines ensure a high precision dosing of products. Our filling operations can be carried out with various liquid and pasty materials, in any type of container, whether it be bottles, cans, bags, etc.

Our teams advise on the implementation of technical solutions best suited to the needs of contract packaging. This is how we provide a combination of knowledge and expertise, enhanced by flexibility, which is essential to offer a level of service that meets our customers' requirements.

Our commitments

Responsiveness and flexibility - We will first take the time to listen and understand what you need. Our teams will adapt to your constraints in terms of time, product and market, using our flexible organization and tools.

Competitiveness - You can count on our mastery of productivity and on the know-how of our teams to benefit from quality services at the right price.

Support and advice - If you have specific custom projects, please feel free to discuss them with us. Our teams are able to respond to special requests and are empowered to develop customized formats. After an analysis of the specifications, the possibilities and solutions best suited to the project will be proposed to you.

Our types of products

Etraves regularly produces packaging for various markets and products, such as

  • Glues and adhesives: two-component resin, PU, anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, neoprene, mastic, epoxy, acrylic glues, vinyl glues, etc.
  • Greases and lubricants: chain lubricants, approved food grade lubricants, hydraulic oils, degreasing greases, etc.
  • Paints: concentrated tracing paints, dyes, solvents, varnishes, etc.
  • Cleaning products: hazardous chemicals, detergents, disinfectants, oxidizers and anti-algae, abrasive cleaners, bleaches, furniture polishes, etc.

Request for

You have a project, you can expose it to us,
we will propose you a solution