Since 1991, the year of its creation, Etraves' main mission has been to be a major partner for its clients. This is reflected in our responsiveness to your needs and the various services we offer. Among these services is another form of packaging, that of bi-component cartridges or double cartridges ranging from 2 x 12 ml to 2 x 200 ml. What is it concretely about?

In step with the technological evolution

A company that wants to be successful must not only adapt to the spectacular evolution of technology, but also learn to conform to the demands of the times. At Etraves, we have understood this for many years. This is why, in order to better satisfy your needs, and also to respond to the latest technological evolution of pistons with an "airfree" system from Sulzer Mixpac, we have equipped ourselves with a new machine: the bi-component cartridge pistoning machine.

Efficiency advantages

One of the remarkable advantages of this machine is the efficiency and speed with which it performs the pistoning process. Also, its use allows to drastically reduce the margin of error during the pistoning process. Indeed, a control is carried out on each cartridge at the end of the output. The purpose of this check is not only to ensure that the two pistons are at the same height, but also that there are no air bubbles or leaks. This safety measure allows Etraves to gain in efficiency in the realization of your work.

Our range of bi-component cartridges

While waiting to extend our services to a wider range of cartridges in the near future, i.e. with a standard volume of 200 ml and 400 ml, we ensure the pistoning of your product on 50 ml cartridges with a 1/1 ratio. Depending on the particularities of your product to be packaged, we aim at a progressive evolution that will allow you to make your choice in ratios between 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10.

The experience and professionalism acquired in our field, as well as the assistance of the bi-component cartridge sprayer, allow us to deliver cartridges in neutral state, labeled or with a simple inkjet identification marking. In addition, to better serve you, Etraves offers you the possibility to have a secondary packaging. For example, for products that are sensitive to humidity, we offer an overpack in an aluminum bag, with a desiccant bag.

An evolution of the Sulzer MixPac cartridges

In order to guarantee our customers high security products, Etraves has been working with the Sulzer Mixpac brand for a few years now for the packaging of adhesives. Indeed, the products of this great Swiss brand have the specificity of being reliable, solid and easy to use. Their two-component mixing solutions produce an excellent quality adhesive, while minimizing the risk of product loss.

Today, the Sulzer MixPac brand has undergone a notable evolution through the 50 ml system A and 200 or 400 ml system C cartridges that change respectively into system B and system F. These cartridges retain their main characteristics, in addition to being more efficient. This is justified by the particularity of their nozzle which allows to have :

  • Additional security to prevent the product from curing
  • Easy to reseal
  • Unique use of Sulzer Mixpac mixing nozzles, considered the most reliable on the market.

Other interesting offers

In addition to the offers related to the two-component cartridge plunger, Etraves offers other gluing accessories such as syringes with plunger of 2×2,5 ml and 2×12,5 ml, 250 ml universal cartridges, SEMCO cartridges and many others.

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