In less than thirty years of existence, Etraves has become a specialist in the field of packaging, both in small and medium series. This striking success of our company is due to our competence as a contract packer, in particular the rigor, the sense of organization, the flexibility and the good management that we show.

Indeed, we have a multi-skilled team that is well versed in the task. Whether it's bottling, labeling, marking or packaging, we do everything possible to satisfy you in record time.

Unquestionable know-how

Thanks to our three factories, we guarantee our customers the satisfaction of all their needs. Our leitmotiv is know-how, and we cultivate this in each of our employees. Selected on the spot, thanks to our recruitment system which carefully evaluates the skills required, they join our teams where they benefit from good supervision.

They are trained, as required by the job of contract packer, to respond to all types of custom services or services oriented towards the search for suitable packaging, component supply or packaging decoration.

An easy method of integration

Aware of the reality that taking one's first steps in a new company is a rather delicate exercise, we have set up an integration policy that helps our new agents feel like family. Therefore, Etraves promotes empathy and team spirit which are values dear to the company, and even more so to the job of contract packer.

Therefore, our agents benefit from a career plan that allows each of them to better develop in their field. This is mainly aimed at allowing them to be more efficient in the execution of the various tasks entrusted to them.

Staff training, our tradition

In a three-speed world, no field escapes the lightning advance of technology. At Etraves, we have understood this for years. This is why we place special emphasis on training our agents by offering them, at regular intervals, capacity building modules adapted to the activity of contract packer.

This not only helps them to keep their knowledge up to date with the new packaging processes that are being created every day, but also helps them to consolidate their skills. It goes without saying that at Etraves, we attach great importance to the development of each person's skills in order to maintain our position as a specialist in our field.

Evaluation interviews

Far from being a superfluous policy, our evaluation interviews allow us to draw up an annual assessment of the situation, with regard to the objectives set at the beginning of the year. Consisting of a simple questionnaire, this annual evaluation allows us to compare the basic objectives with those achieved by the agents who take part in our mission as contract packers.

From the analysis of the results of this interview, a policy may emerge to encourage agents to continue with the same dynamic, when the objectives set are clearly exceeded. On the other hand, when the objectives achieved are below those set, we opt for a policy of redefining the objectives for our next exercise.

In either case, our ultimate goal, in which all our employees participate on a daily basis, is to be more than just a contract packer for our customers, a partner they can rely on at all times. Whether it's greases, oils, varnishes, silicones, sealants, coatings or paints, we have the right people to make your packaging a success.

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