In perpetual growth, the paint market is a real source of wealth. Leader in its field, the Etraves paint conditioner also carries out the conditioning of paint in small and medium series. We manufacture different types of paint in different containers in accordance with international standards and only for your complete satisfaction.

Use of usual packaging

Etraves uses different containers to package its paint. We produce buckets and jars of 1 l or 5 l of paint. These containers can be made of plastic or metal according to your requirements. In order to offer you the best services, Etraves installs certain devices to allow the use of custom-made ratios. These containers are among the most popular because of their practicality.

The Etraves paint packer places a label on these containers with a batch number and a use-by date. These allow the traceability of the products. At Etraves, we also mention the packaging date on the labels of these buckets and jars.

Innovative bags

Etraves also uses Doypacks to package paints. For quite some time now, Doypacks have been the most popular. Indeed, they are innovative and ecological, because you will not see many packers using them. They have the advantage of having a huge printing surface. Very practical in their use, Etraves paint conditioner can provide them with different closing systems. The most common ones are with caps or without lids, with simple welding or zip.

We can also install a euro-hole or a handle. We take the responsibility to print your bags from an order of 20 000 pieces, threshold below which only the labeling is possible. According to your uses, such as one shot, refill and pre-dosing, we pack in 50 ml bags or in bags of your choice. The Etraves touch is the institution of pictograms highlighting the advantages of using this bag by a paint conditioner.

Other containers

Incredible as it may seem, we also package paints in aluminum or plastic tubes. Our tubes have diameters ranging from 13.5mm to 50mm, with volumes up to 300ml. Aluminum tubes are easy to use, economical, aesthetic, and environmentally friendly, and they provide superb protection with their waterproof nature. We can install caps, cannulas and other markings.

The plastic tubes are resistant, aesthetic and can be found with several ends, including single-dose ones. They can also be white, transparent or welded with eurohole. According to your uses, entrust your work to the paint conditioner Etraves. We will give you satisfaction!

Several areas brewed

We respond in this field to specific markets, niches, breakdowns, promotions and others. Whatever your field of activity, Etraves will find the right solutions for you. We produce packaging for lovers of graffiti or the use of paint for artistic purposes. We can also handle orders for paint for buildings and other structures. Etraves can also handle vehicle painting without any difficulty.

Whether it is for decoration, or any other use, the Etraves paint conditioner will satisfy you.

Our company has proven itself in the packaging sector and is a reference in the paint sector. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department, which will offer you the right solutions for your needs, and all this at unimaginable costs. Pots, buckets, tubes, we will take care of all your paint packaging needs. You can trust us.

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