Etraves is in the process of constructing a new building in Breuil-le-Sec, in the department of Oise (Hauts-de-France region), which will be completed in the next few months.

Our company has already been considering for some time the move from our current site in Balagny-sur-Thérain to the new location in Breuil-le-Sec. In addition, we have decided to keep the Ercuis site, which is also being refurbished. Many advantages have been identified to justify these investments.

Provide better working conditions

Once this construction project is completed, the new 2,500 square meter building in Breuil-le-Sec will be divided into several areas, of which 1,000 square meters will meet the needs of the workshop, 1,000 square meters will be dedicated to the storage of various products, while 500 square meters will be used for office and social space.

This new building will allow our company, which specializes in the packaging of liquid and pasty products, to respond to a considerable increase in demand, while making it easier for our employees in terms of logistics with more space for the development of our activity.

Optimize our flows and our productivity

These larger spaces will allow our company to optimize its production performance by improving the planning of operations. We also anticipate a reduction in our production and order processing times.

For our employees, it will allow them to gainempowerment by feeling personally involved in the improvement of our products and processes. In general, it should result in an improvement of our overall production operations.

Improve the accessibility of our site

Our company was aware that its development project had to meet several objectives, including the creation of harmonious, functional, efficient, but also friendly and accessible environments. This is why the location of the new building had to strategically meet our needs in order to promote business development. The Breuil-le-Sec site is located near a major highway, which should maximize the impact on our commercial activity.

Improve the working comfort of our teams

We are committed to improving the working comfort of our employees, being aware of the importance of the ergonomics of a workplace. The new location should greatly contribute to the well-being of all our teams.

For example, a break room will be a place for our employees to relax. Between two tasks, they will be able to recharge their batteries and come back to their workplace refreshed and ready for a break.

We paid attention to every detail to ensure that the new workplace is comfortable and well appointed. Not only does comfort in the workplace contribute to good health, but it also impacts productivity. With a pleasant, comfortable and functional new work environment, we are likely to retain our employee teams for a long time.

Ensure safe conditions for employees and products

Finally, one of the most fundamental elements of our business - safety - was a constant concern for us and for the designers and builders of the new facility. There were many safety standards to consider.

This project allowed us to conduct a risk assessment of our workplaces by identifying potential hazards.

This motivates us to constantly improve our policies and processes, adapting them to the new location to ensure the safety and health of our employees. We plan to review these policies annually to ensure they remain current and relevant at all times to meet regulatory requirements.

To do this, we will conduct regular inspections, which will help identify potential hazards to our products and employees.

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