The adhesive packaging industry is a rich and varied world, with an impressive range of products, each designed for a specific application and unique benefits. From pvc glue to silicone, each type of adhesive is unique, offering solutions tailored to meet the diverse fixing and repair challenges encountered in many sectors of activity. Whether in the construction, craft, plumbing or automotive industries, each adhesive has its own specific use and application. At the end of the day, understanding the different adhesives and their packaging can greatly facilitate the realization of your projects, helping you to choose the product best suited to your specific needs.

PVC glue: The ideal choice for plumbers

PVC glue is a popular choice in the construction and plumbing industries, thanks to its resistance to water and its ability to fuse PVC pieces together to create watertight joints. It is often packaged in rigid containers with screw caps to ensure leak-free use. What's more, its rapid drying and durability make PVC glue an indispensable choice for a variety of applications.

Acrylic glue: The versatile solution

Acrylic glue is a fast, versatile option for many projects. It is usually packaged in tubes, pots or bottles for easy application. Thanks to its ability to adhere to a variety of surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic and wood, this glue is an essential item in any toolbox. What's more, its transparency once dry makes it discreet, which is often beneficial in DIY and decorating work.

Epoxy adhesive: For greater strength and durability

Epoxy adhesive is renowned for its exceptional strength, particularly when used on materials such as metal, ceramic and stone. It is generally sold in double syringes, which allow the two components to be mixed before application to ensure maximum adhesion. Its ability to cure even in the absence of air makes it particularly effective for bonding hollow or ill-fitting parts.

Neoprene glue: The perfect heat-resistant solution

Thanks to its resistance to heat and chemicals, neoprene glue is an excellent choice for construction and craft projects. It is generally packaged in tubes or jars, allowing easy application with a spatula or directly. What's more, its ability to maintain adhesion in a variety of weather conditions makes it ideal for outdoor projects.

Polyurethane adhesive: The optimal choice for porous materials

Polyurethane adhesive, often packaged in cartridges, is perfect for porous materials such as wood, stone and ceramics. It offers a very strong bond and is known for its flexibility once dry, making it useful when the material may be subjected to movement or tension. What's more, its exceptional resistance to moisture makes it a preferred choice for projects in contact with water or in humid environments.

Silicone glue: Waterproof and flexible

Finally, silicone glue. Usually packaged in tubes with a pointed applicator for precise application, it is water-resistant, flexible and capable of withstanding both high and low temperatures. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, particularly for caulking and fixing glass and metal elements. What's more, its UV resistance makes it particularly effective for outdoor applications exposed to the sun.

Bows: the know-how of glue packaging

Founded in 1991, Etraves is a family business specializing in the packaging of liquid and pasty products. Born of the need to serve a manufacturer in the Picardie region, the company has, over the years, acquired an undeniable reputation thanks to its reliability and organizational skills. These qualities have enabled Etraves to win the confidence of numerous industrialists, making it a key player in the glue packaging sector.

With Iso 9001 certification, Etraves demonstrates its unwavering commitment to a job well done. Its ability to fill containers ranging from 3 ml to 30 l in small and medium production runs testifies to its adaptability and versatility. And that's not all. Etraves has a wide range of machines to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Etraves is living proof that the adhesive packaging industry is a world of possibilities, diversity and tailor-made solutions to fastening and repair challenges.

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