Your product is unique and requires special attention. This is why Etraves offers packaging specially adapted to its container. Once this step is completed, we offer you the possibility to present your customers with a clean and safe packaging, guaranteeing a better attractiveness of your product. In addition to the convenience of the service, it is a considerable time saver for your company.

Each product has its own packaging

In principle, Etraves' business focuses on filling products such as oils, glues, coatings, paints or greases. However, our company also offers additional services of packaging and manual assembly to measure.

If there is a large number of products on the market, you should know that there are as many solutions adapted to their packaging. We strive to be as professional as possible by offering you different solutions:

  • Blistering: a process that consists in presenting the product in a plastic shell on a cardboard support. It enhances the product and protects it from theft.
  • Thermoforming: a plastic plate is heated, then molded to take the shape of the packaged product when it cools.
  • The skinpack: a plastic film wraps the packaged product and allows it to adhere to a cardboard support.

With these different types of packaging, you are sure to offer a more attractive finished product and protection to your product.

Customized services

In order to best respond to customer demand, the team at Etraves includes many experts who are versatile, flexible and able to perform the tasks assigned to them. Packaging solutions can be bottles, pouches, cartridges and drums. Despite the number of solutions we offer to our customers, our work is tailor-made, which gives a real added value to the packaged product.

Your needs are our driving force, and our teams work every day in partnership with specialists to offer you special packaging according to the nature of the container and the destination of the product:

  • Production of kits: for people who work on site or in the workshop.
  • Packaging: to facilitate shelf display and to inform the buyer about the product.
  • Packaging in aluminium bags: to protect the product from humidity.
  • Shrink-wrapped promotional pack: for one-off marketing operations.
  • Displays for maximum visibility: to present your products on a support specially adapted to their size and weight.

The full service: a considerable saving of time and money

In addition to offering a packaging service, Etraves has excellent know-how in assembly, which is the continuation of filling. Indeed, our company offers a complete service that saves time because we avoid our customers to go through several entities and offer them a single contact.

By entrusting us with your project from A to Z, you will gain in organization and comfort. We are also able to provide you with labels, instructions for use, as well as accessories such as mixers and glue application guns. By calling on our company, you can entrust the realization of a product's cardboard packaging, including a display package. For products that require instructions, Etraves will put them in a case, cardboard, plastic box or bundle.

If you have a very precise idea of the packaging you want, our teams will use all their know-how to meet your expectations with rigor and application.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information or a project, our priority is to offer you a personalized service.

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