Using a contract packer for industrial products can seem complicated. Etraves will help you understand the steps to follow to satisfy your packaging needs.

The estimate, an essential step to call a packer

At Etraves, this step is essential for us: it allows us to have a very broad and precise idea of our customers' needs. And because we deal with chemical products, we are very demanding when it comes to the transmission - by our customers - of an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) of the product to be packaged.

For this packaging, we first see the types of packaging or labeling chosen by our customers - if they are unclear or undecided in their choices, we assist them and guide them in writing the brief. It is important for us to know the packaging constraints of our clients' products (number of products per box, labeling, quantity per pallet, transportation methods, etc.). The good mastery of the file at the base will lead to a finished product of quality.

Moreover, we master, by experience, the constraints of the European markets and the various regulations concerning the use of industrial products. It is therefore essential for us to have information on the market or the type of use of the product because the regulations can be different. Finally, knowing the quantities to be packaged by production allows us to optimize supplies.

Thus, all the above-mentioned points are carefully studied and allow us to establish a complete estimate based on a quality/price ratio and precise specifications.

The stage of the first packaging of your product: the BATs

For each first packaging, you must first define the designs and labels by validating one or more proofs. As a rule, our customers provide us with their designs in PDF format. We have a proof made with the chosen manufacturer and only then do we have the document signed. The signature of the proof is a step that requires vigilance and speed of execution.

On the other hand, our organization allows us (under certain conditions and according to the specific needs of our customers), to sign with them a supply contract in stock. This allows us to have stock in advance for future orders and therefore to reduce lead times and optimize costs.

Finally, we define together the batch number and the expiration date to be indicated on the packaging and other specifications if necessary.

The definition of the conditioning period

Our traditional customers trust us because we respect the deadlines that we offer them for the packaging of their products: 4 weeks on average to satisfy their usual orders. Some deadlines can be extended due to the specificity of the products: in this case, we inform our customer in advance to facilitate his organization.

However, we strongly encourage our customers to notify us in advance of any changes in SDS and/or decorations to help us meet our traditional deadlines.

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