How did Etraves become known?

Our company started its activity to answer a request for breakdown service from an industrial company. What was at the beginning only a breakdown service has become, over the years, a speciality of the company. Today we work with 35 employees who are committed to satisfying our customers. We have 25 years of experience, we are certified ISO 9001 and our priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

Customer satisfaction

Etraves' organization is based on a sales department that listens to its customers. For example, in order to increase the company's performance and to remain at the best possible level of quality, we have set up a satisfaction questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify the areas we need to work on in order to better satisfy our customers. We give this questionnaire to each customer or administer it directly during telephone calls.

It is by collecting the opinion of all our customers that we hope to improve our performance as well as our quality and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to maintain our company among the best in the field of packaging and to do this, we have the objective to always better meet the expectations of our customers in order to retain them.

An efficient organization

Your requirements as a customer are essential to us. You will define with the sales team the material to be packed, the quantity and the packaging of your product.
Etraves is also resistant and versatile machines. Thanks to the regulated scales regularly checked by the operators, the fillings are in conformity with the expectations of the customers and the regulations. Before shipping, the authorized person will check the final result.

You will have understood, our company does its best to satisfy you by taking into account your opinion and your needs and by setting up an effective organization so that the ordered product is up to your expectations.

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