Always looking for progress

For 25 years, Etraves has been evolving for and with its customers. Flexibility and innovation are two of the pillars that drive the company forward. These two fundamental values have enabled the company to satisfy an ever increasing number of demanding customers.
This taste for work well done pushes us to always surpass ourselves, innovate and remain at the forefront of the new techniques of contract packaging.

The innovation of the beginning of the year

This year, Etraves has decided to implement a new "nose" packaging process for two-component glue cartridges. What does this mean in practice?
A custom-made machine has been specially installed in the premises in order to better meet the specifications of our customers, and to offer them the best packaging for this two-component glue. This packaging method is more adapted to certain glues, by maintaining a good pressure on the piston, and will avoid the presence of air bubbles in the cartridges.

The strength of Etraves

Etraves' teams are used to taking on technical challenges. All of our employees have a taste for challenge and reflection, and the perpetual evolution of techniques and technologies keeps them on their toes. Managers, technical and maintenance teams are always at the forefront of their specialties and keep abreast of the latest advances in packaging.
As a result, the teams at your service are always operational and able to adapt to your requests and to the specificities of the products you entrust to them. This is the strength of Etraves, which has managed to keep its spirit of a family business on a human scale while evolving with the times, moving forward with new technologies and remaining resolutely turned towards the future and innovation.

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