Among the many possibilities of packaging and conditioning, there is the bag. Flexible, economical, ergonomic and customizable packaging, the pouch is widespread and used in many fields of activity, particularly those related to chemical and industrial products, not to mention food. Its numerous and eclectic uses are made possible by the huge variety of pouch sizes. Moreover, the pouch can easily be used as primary or secondary packaging, which is not always as simple (or possible) with other packaging. It can therefore contain your product directly or contain the container for your content. And sometimes your product is even ultimately contained in two different pouches, one primary and one secondary.

A bag that knows how to diversify

At Etraves, we are used to working with a wide range of bags: plastic bags, aluminium bags, laminated bags, with or without handle, with or without cap... with a capacity ranging from 50 ml to 5 liters. Much more surprising than it seems, the bag can benefit from high quality innovations, such as Doypack. Thanks to this very original system, the bag can stand upright without external help. This is very useful in the food industry, but also in the fields we are particularly fond of at Etraves, namely industrial and chemical. Among the other innovations that a bag has and that we use at Etraves, we note the possibility of being bi-component. Such a bag is equipped with a separator that can contain two distinct products to be mixed at the time of use. This is very practical and makes it easier to mix the two products without being in contact with them and to have only one container for two products. Saving space and ease of use: only plus for the bag!

To find out if our bags can be used to hold your products, please contact us by simply clicking here. Our teams will take the time to analyze your request and see if the bag is the right packaging for your products.

The right bag for the right product

The product itself, whether it is eaten without transformation or used in the composition of a dish, constitutes the object of the purchase. Through it, the caterer or restaurant owner delivers a message or simply a raw material. It represents the background.

Nevertheless, it is important never to neglect the form, which is the bag. And here are three reasons why:

  • Preservation: to preserve the quality of the product sold to the consumer.
  • Practicality: to avoid the frustration of having a bag with an inadequate size. The goal is to optimize the space taken and not to undergo the problems related to the storage / transport.
  • Visibility: in case the buyer sees the bag longer than the product. Especially if the transport time is longer than the consumption.

Diversity at your service

Caterers and restaurant owners face a complex problem: providing products of different sizes and consistencies.
To overcome this problem, an incredible diversity of bags is offered as on the sml food plastic website. It will be possible to find the right bag for the right product according to the desired criteria: material, shape, assets, uses. In addition, customization options can be added to maximize the visibility of your establishment.

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