At Etraves, we are concerned with the quality of our services. That's why we don't do packaging lightly, and we check every phase carefully. And we like our customers to be satisfied before we start the whole process. Yes, because at Etraves, everything is anticipated and analyzed well in advance. So, logically, we offer you the conditioning test.

Indeed, if you wish that the packaging is carried out in all peace, know that we are able to propose you the setting in production of samples. This will allow you to get acquainted with the product or the packaging to be filled. Because theory is good, but seeing the practical side of the elements is much better! You will also be able to carry out, thanks to these samples, various tests of use and aging!

Customized testing

Some sectors, in particular, such as the automotive and aeronautical markets, prefer real-life testing on a small quantity. If this is necessary for you, you should know that at Etraves, it is possible. We will review the specifications together and adapt them to your most demanding requirements, if the need is felt. Of course, you will be free to attend - or not - the tests.

In the end, all these adjustments are precious to us because they allow us to optimize the product to your liking and to satisfy you. The finished product will be perfectly in line with your needs and that's what's important, for us as well as for you. Because at Etraves, the guarantee of a personalized and successful packaging is our daily credo.

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