Etraves has been the packaging specialist for over 25 years. Since 1991 to be precise. To better understand the daily work of Etraves' teams, it is worthwhile to recall what packaging consists of. Packaging is not only the packaging of a product, but also the preservation of the integrity of the product from the time it leaves the factory until it is used by the customer who has purchased it. If the integrity of the product is questioned during packaging or transport (in case of leakage, for example), it can be harmful for the company, the customer or the intermediaries (carriers, specialized stores, supermarkets), or even the environment.

The art and the way to condition

Packaging can be of different types and concern liquid products (water, bleach, lemonade, etc.), solids (chocolate, plaster, etc.) or pastes (toothpaste, etc.). Numerous products, everyday or not, are concerned by the packaging. In fact, except for fresh products, all products are automatically subject to packaging. The packaging allows to protect the product and to preserve it in optimal conditions while guaranteeing a good visibility as well as an aesthetic and practical range in store. This prevents the transported products from being damaged or allows fragile and perishable products to be preserved better. Moreover, the packaging offered by Etraves can be customized and varied; products can be grouped by type of product.

Customizable according to your desires

Etraves can also personalize the packaging by applying a specific packaging to your products: your logo, your graphic charter...can be found on the packaging we make. Several different products can also be grouped together. In this case, we talk about packaging in kit. This assembly of several references can be made under plastic film or in a cardboard box, according to the desiderata and the budget of the concerned customer. Promotional packs can also be set up for special operations, for example. For example, for one product purchased, another is offered and both are packaged in the same pack. An aesthetic and financially attractive pack reassures the end customer and encourages him to consume more. Finally, Etraves is also able to fill displays and POS (point of sale advertising) according to customers' wishes. Etraves knows how to adapt to many situations and this, with reactivity: turnkey products, for all your operations, whether they are punctual or more durable. To discover all our packaging possibilities and find the one that meets your expectations, do not hesitate to contact our company at We will be happy to put our expertise at the service of your needs. Etraves, your packaging specialist for over 25 years.

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