Thanks to the daily work of our teams, we have enabled our company, Etraves, to obtain over the years, a good reputation. More and more customers trust us. Our production sites are in Picardy, but our field of action is mainly national. In fact, it responds perfectly to the demands of our customers and therefore we must satisfy everyone by being reactive, efficient, reliable and accessible. The orders are personalized according to the desiderata of our customers.

Technology at the service of our services

To begin with, before any order or shipment of products, customers can ask to receive - and then read and discover! - a catalog with all the products we can deliver. Our catalogs are sent, by paper or e-mail, to the four corners of France, from Bordeaux to Strasbourg, via Rouen and Lyon. Our team, which is growing regularly, strives to serve our ever more demanding and ever more numerous customers as best as possible.

The current technological means allow our customers, even those based in Agen or Reims, to be regularly informed of the evolution of packaging tests, the progress of their orders or even new products. In terms of reactivity, it is also much easier for our teams to respond efficiently and reliably to our customers.

Some of our customers are geographically distant from us but the satisfaction of their requirements is close to us. So be reassured, you who read these lines. Even if you live in Perpignan or Nancy and you are not a customer, you can become one and be as well served and informed as a customer living 5 kilometers from our headquarters... Because at Etraves, there are no barriers and especially no geographical barriers. Products leave and arrive wherever you are!

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