Since 1991, Etraves has managed to diversify and develop the skills of its employees. In fact, the company is able to present its prospects and customers with a rather well-stocked product catalog. This catalog can be found on the website, in PDF format, especially in the "our packaging" tab. Light and easy to consult everywhere, the PDF version is very appreciated by the visitors of the website. It is also possible to obtain the catalog in paper format, by requesting it by e-mail or by phone. In this case, it will be sent to you within a few days.

Worthy of a real Ali Baba's cave

The catalog is particularly well illustrated with photos, illustrations and texts. After a short presentation of the company, from its creation in 1991 to the present day, the catalog details the products and services that Etraves can provide. For a better visibility, the catalog is organized in 5 main themes: bi-components, tubes, monocomponents, bottles, boxes and bags and, to finish, specific packaging such as kits. The catalog is richly illustrated with photos, figures and details. We find packaging that we all know, such as tubes of Super Glue with their screw caps, or toothpaste tubes with their lids. Everything is very detailed, clear and complete. Many technical terms are used but the illustrations and texts allow everyone to make a well thought-out and precise choice. In this catalog you will find mixing nozzles, buckets, manual syringes, dispensers for single components or aluminium tubes: the choice is vast and will suit many professionals, including the most demanding. The precision of the catalog, and in particular the section devoted to packaging, gives customers a precise idea of the company's working capacities and the existing possibilities in terms of packaging. Prospects and customers can discover that it is possible to produce kits, for example for special events. And there is so much more to discover at Etraves and all of this can be found in the catalog: don't wait any longer!

Customization at Etraves is not fiction!

All the packaging is neutral, but it can of course be printed, silk-screened or labeled on request: just ask, and a proposal will be made in return. Moreover, the company adapts itself in order to always propose coherent production deadlines so that everyone is serene.

For more information about the company's services, to order a hard copy of the catalog or to make a specific request, please do not hesitate to call us at or write to We will get back to you as soon as possible so that you can discover the power of Etraves.

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