Firmly committed to permanent customer satisfaction, Etraves is expanding its range of services. With our experience as a packager, and to allow you to reach your objectives more easily, we offer you the possibility of doing everything with your place. This is the full service.

A rather practical concept

In the beginning, Etraves was only responsible for filling small containers with pasty or liquid products for its customers. The execution of this task requires a number of operations such as preparing appropriate cartridges, their plunger, decoration, and other accessories. This state of affairs sometimes leads to a more difficult management of the set-up time, hence the need for full service. In this context, the packager that we are takes care of the supplies and the finished product for his customer.

Labeling, boxing, bundling, kit creation, blistering, Etraves now takes care of everything for your greatest satisfaction.

An XXL partnership

In order to offer you the best possible service, we have entered into cooperations with leading suppliers in their fields. The Swiss company Sulzer is the greatest proof of this. For almost 10 years, Etraves has been the exclusive French distributor of this company. Sulzer is one of the world's leading manufacturers of consumables for adhesives and other accessories such as cartridges and disposable mixers for multi components.

Thanks to this service, we have become the conditioner that offers you innovative, high-performance equipment at the best price.

Give a nice image to your products

The purchase of raw materials such as chemicals and packaging represent the largest part of the expenses of √Čtraves. The right choice of the latter is especially important, because we care about the neat presentation of your products. We focus on two aspects in this case. First, Etraves makes sure to choose the most suitable container for the substance you wish to package. Successfully completing this step ensures the safe transport and marketing of your products.

As a packager, we have to make sure that all the necessary information is included on the chosen packaging, and above all that its aesthetics are impeccable. The same care is provided by our purchasing department, which buys the best products for you after consulting our many experts


A professional team

The acquisition of chemicals and packaging is only the visible part of the fabulous production system of Etraves. With our tools available even online, you can ask all your questions and requirements to our competent services. To benefit from our full service, you must provide the following information to the sales department of the Etraves packager:

  • The material to be packaged
  • Packaging, specifying the type and volume
  • The labels and the desired prints
  • Lot number and expiration date
  • The desired amount.

Once done, our services will provide you with the results of their feasibility studies as well as the appropriate and optimized price. The purchasing department will then take over to order quality products at better prices.

References and proof of recognized know-how

The Etraves conditioner has already worked with more than 250 companies of all kinds, including small and medium-sized companies, large groups, etc. The areas that most often request his services are industry, automobiles, aeronautics, mass distribution, construction and many others.

With its ISO 9001 certification, Etraves is committed to providing you with complete services to deliver finished products of a high standard that will boost your turnover through big sales!

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