One of the values that we advocate at Etraves, and which contributes to the success of our company, is packaging control. Indeed, as a contract packer with decades of experience, we must fill products to the weight indicated on the packaging. We use two techniques for this: volumetric dosing machines and regulated scales.

Efficient volumetric dosing machines

Our volumetric dosing machines have the ability to dose all types of products reliably and with the highest precision. At the cutting edge of technology, our dosing machines provide a high level of volumetric measurement performance and their devices are very versatile.

In addition, as a means of packaging control, volumetric dosing machines are a concrete method of measuring a specific volume of product. They include a support that allows for effective product evaluation. For all these reasons, we have opted for this type of device in the filling of packaging, not only to meet the requirements of the regulations, but above all to fully satisfy you.

Regulated scales

The bottling phase is one of many steps. Once it is done, we proceed to the verification of the weight of the product. This step is of paramount importance in the packaging control process. For this purpose, we have installed a scale at each bottling station.

Aware that, like any machine, they can malfunction at one time or another, these scales are checked daily by our operators when they take up their posts. This measure allows Etraves to guarantee for each order the accuracy of the weight written on the packaging with the one that is really filled.

In addition, to reduce the margin of error to zero, our contract packers are equipped with standard weights that they use to weigh each package at three different locations on their scale. All of these various package control checks, as well as the weights taken during the entire packaging process, are recorded.

Finally, to give more credit to the operation, our scales are evaluated annually by an approved organization. All these measures confirm the professionalism that we demonstrate at √Čtraves, and which earned us ISO 9001 certification in 2003. This recognition is still valid today, based on an integrated Quality-Safety-Environment management system.

We help your product succeed

Etraves has three large plants with experienced agents who are well versed in the workings of contract packaging, including packaging control. Whatever your requirements, our teams are able to respond to the specificities of all types of products. From bottling to labeling, including marking and capping, we work to meet your every need.

For more than 25 years, Etraves has been a highly committed partner to its customers. In order to respond efficiently and promptly to the needs of professionals looking for custom packaging solutions, we offer a wide range of containers for various types of products: grease, oil, cleaners, varnishes, glues, pesticides, silicones, sealants, coatings, paints and many others.

If you are looking for a competent contract packaging company to launch a new product, Etraves will meet your needs. Thanks to our well-developed packaging control system, we can assure you of a professional job that will guarantee your success.

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